Johan Tornqvist on the Future of Omni-channel

Johan Tornqvist on the Future of Omni-channel

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Johan Tornqvist of Play’N Go speak about the next trends of the gaming industry.

Giving satisfaction to players is the top most priority of every gaming operators. In order to be able to do that, operators are coming up with ways in order to achieve their goals.

But pleasing them is easier said than done, especially when they want brands to level up their game with respect to creating a cohesive customer experience. Operators know that players’ expectations are heightening through the years.

That’s why most operators are coming up ways to pique the interest of players. One of which is making their offerings a bit more personalized for their players. Johan Tornqvist of Play N’Go said the gambling industry is seeing a cross over between the online world and land based when it comes to technology and “Omnichannel” experience.

Citing his experience, Tornqvist pointed out that his company has been working a lot with companies keen on expanding their land-based assets to the online business.

“So far we’ve been working a lot with companies that do casinos as part of their brand or their offering. Smaller, not your big based casino Omniplace,” Tornqvist told “So we are working together with them to make sure that they will get the best games and the best branding possibilities, creating this full content and such, to make this really shine for them and their work in the business world.”

In order for them to help their clients make their offerings a bit more personalized, Tornqvist said they provide customers with data from both the backhand side and fronthand side of the gaming.

“So we enable the customers to build all this promotional or event based marketing around the games, on their websites, on their mobile phone, on their land-based terminals if they wish to do so. And since they can do really amazing stuff and making sure it is 100 percent secure and safe.” he explained.

When asked about the where the future lies for the Omniexperience channel, Johan said: “Its early days of course is everything about Omni channel.”

“But there are trials going on all over the world and I believe that this is something you can’t really hide from, it’s going to be there, people will expect it in the future. So I think it is all speed ahead to make sure you can – as an operator – offer your customers the best possible solution really. If you’re not there today, then definitely will start working on it,” he added.