Belarusian Ice Hockey Recruits Sportradar Fds Defence

The Belarusian Ice Hockey Association (BIHA) have signed the leader in ice hockey bet monitoring as part of their integrity set up, with Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS) all set to oversee the Belarusian ExtraLiga and Ruslan Salei Cup for the next two seasons.

Belarusian Ice Hockey Recruits Sportradar Fds DefenceOver the course of the two years, the FDS will monitor the largest array of betting operators across over 720 matches: 650 coming from two seasons of the Belarusian Extraliga and the remainder coming from two years’ worth of Ruslan Salei Cup matches.

“All leading international federations and major leagues realize the importance of accurate and credible monitoring systems to protect the reputation of their teams, competitions and sports. We have chosen Sportradar as our main partner in this matter because the company is the recognized world leader in the prevention and detection of matchfixing. Their services are highly trusted in the sports world and their expertise has been repeatedly acknowledged by law enforcement agencies across a range of countries. The IIHF and NHL, the world’s largest ice hockey organisations, have already signed up with Sportradar. We have become their first partner at the national league level in the European market. It is important to note that the beginning of our cooperation does not mean that there have been any violations during games of the Belarusian Championship, but that the Federation primarily strives to prevent potential threats and secure the clubs and fans against possible risks. I am sure that other leading European leagues will follow our example soon,” said Yaraslau Zauharodni, General Secretary of the BIHA.

Sportradar’s Managing Director Integrity Services Andreas Krannich added: “We are now building a bit of momentum and a reputation in the ice hockey world, in the wake of our work with the International Ice Hockey Federation and the North American NHL, so it is great to see another critical ice hockey nation sign up to our award-winning Fraud Detection System. The FDS is completely tailored to the context, markets and idiosyncrasies in Belarusian ice hockey and we look forward to working with Mr Zauharodni and his team over the coming seasons”.

Sportradar Integrity Services have partnerships with some of the world’s key sporting stakeholders, such as UEFA, AFC, World Rugby and ICC as well as the IIHF and NHL in ice hockey. Altogether, Sportradar monitors over 230 football leagues and competitions worldwide.

The Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation was founded on March 6, 1992. On May 6, 1992 it became the member of International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

In May 2009 the Belarusian Ice Hockey Association enjoyed a major success in its history, getting the right to host the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

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Sportradar is a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data and digital content for its clients around the world.

The company’s Security Services operation provides the Fraud Detection System (FDS) to several federations, including the AFC, CONCACAF and UEFA. This unique system allows the Security Services team to monitor betting behaviour and patterns worldwide and to identify suspicious activities. Those findings prove invaluable for sports federations and law enforcement agencies that are looking to pinpoint match-fixers. The Security Services also include the Fraud Prevention Service (FPS) through which Sportradar offers education tools and services that have been delivered to leagues and clubs around the world. These have been show to increase awareness of illegal betting and match-fixing among those involved in sport.

More than 800 businesses in over 80 countries rely on Sportradar’s data depth and quality services in their daily business. Headquartered in Switzerland, Sportradar has offices in 30 other cities and employs over 1,500 highly experienced staff worldwide.

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