Andy Edwards: While-label bingo operators should never rush launching their sites

Andy Edwards: While-label bingo operators should never rush launching their sites

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Andy Edwards of Madabout Media talks about how bingo operators can translate their brands into money.

It has always been a dog eat dog world in the bingo industry.

White label, bingo operators oftentimes fighting a day-to-day survival amid stiff competition. Adding to their burden is that they are restricted by the one that provides licenses to them.

To be successful, Andy Edwards of Madabout Media advices other affiliates interested in launching their own white-label, bingo sites to have a tight strategy in fending off competition and to look first before leaping into the industry.

“Yeah you are limited, if you are one of the 110th skins. So there’s no preferential treatment. Yeah you obviously look in to try to stand-out from the other hundred that are on the network. That’s the con side of it, but there’s lots of pros as well,” Edwards told “I didn’t rush in. Don’t rush in to it. Have a look at white-label partners out there. Look at the different competition. See what’s everyone is doing. Go speak to everybody first. Look at the legal side of it and once you are happy with the site and you see something’s right and go pick up,”

Citing his own experience, Edwards pointed out that they considered the demographics first, targeting mommies in the UK. They also packaged bingo not as a form of gambling but as a recreational game.

“There’s no hardsell, it was socially acceptable. We played it on how bingo is more of recreational, it’s not die-hard gambling. We used first affiliates where mommy bloggers, we attracted them first we got them signed up in some of our affiliates and that allowed us into an audience that we don’t normally get in too,” he said.

Edwards said that bingo operators can always advertise in a big brand in order to get 20 to 25 percent revenue at first. But once they see all the traffic coming in, Edwards it is time for operators to pounce at opportunity of monetizing it with their own brand.

“For me it was having my own brand, and get in 60 percent of the revenues rather than put it on someone else’s site and get 25 percent of the revenue,” he said.