Angelo Dalli: Lottery is Still a Big Business in Latin America

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In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Angelo Dalli of Bit8 tells us the opportunities of lottery operators in the Latin American market.

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Despite the emergence of modern types of gambling, lottery remains to be the favorite past time of Latin Americans. Thanks to modern technology, Angelo Dalli of Bit8 said Latin Americans may now enjoy the lottery in the comforts of their home and as quick as simple mouse click.

“It is quite huge. Lotteries is one of the products that are really, really popular in South America. People underestimate the size of lottery market especially in the online world,” Dalli told “Some of this lottery have separate venues that hold a significant part of the entire online market. So it’s still a very, very big business out there.” Dalli pointed out that the Latin American market present itself as a new opportunity for growth for lottery operators due to the people’s penchant for the numbers game and the fact that the technology available in the region is still a little bit less sophisticated. To stay relevant in the region, Dalli said that their company took a gamble in applying online concepts to land base lottery games.

His company’s innovative ways of presenting lottery to the Latin American market has opened the doors of business expansion in the region, according to Dalli. “As you said, we are going from the online to the land base world and taking the experience that we had in online and taking that to national lotteries,” Dalli said. What we are doing here in South America is we are doing the lottery of Chile, and we have plans for other countries like Peru, Brazil and enabling them to have modern technology that’s for the lottery world.” As advice for lottery operators, Dalli emphasize the need for operators to educate themselves in player segmentation and data collection.

“When it comes to land-base, in some operations, it is a little bit less sophisticated in terms of the technology that is used. Especially that a lot of them are still in cash-based operations. And so you need to take that into consideration. That you’ve been collecting document is not as easy in land base world than in the online world.” he explained. “There are lots of adaptation we have to give a lot of training educate people and the operators themselves, we also have to go through our process of educations ourselves in order to also learn the  concepts and the reality of operating the land base and not just the online world.”


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