Elevator Pitch – WantmyBet

WantMyBet Pitch

In this one-minute elevator pitch with CalvinAyre.com, Tom Gooday explains how WantmyBet makes sports betting simple and easy.

Sports betting has already gone through several innovations, but operators have yet to solve one important issue: how to simplify sports betting sites.

When punters check tipster pages online, they are usually provided with a link on where they can place a bet. But that link usually takes bettors to a bookmaker’s homepage, which means that they’ll have to find the bet again, then sign up, place the bet, make a deposit and so on.

And this is the problem that what WantMyBet wants to solve.

“What we’ve noticed [is] that it’s quite a desperate market. people can’t find credible tips so they kind of scour Twitter, the newspaper, they meet down the pub, but they’re not credible tips,” Tom Gooday, of WantMyBet, told CalvinAyre.com during the iGaming Entrepreneur Conference last November.

Aside from being a platform, WantMyBet is also a social network designed to make it easier to bet and also make things “a bit more transparent with the people who are sharing their tips.”

“What we’ve tried to do is to pool everything in one place, so you can follow tipsters, you can kinds of see the stats… and you can see the track record of the user,” Gooday said.

With WantMyBet, players can also bet without having to leave the site.

“We got one form that the users sign up for all of the bookies. Once they’ve completed it, they can then sign up to a bookmaker with a touch of a button,” Gooday said. “Basically the goal of the platform is to place bettor bets, and you don’t ever have to leave our platform so that’s the goal of our platform, bring down the barriers and make it simple and easy.”

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