3-Barrels: Brunson Robbery Escape; Russian Poker Playing Credit Card Thief; Beth Shak Strip Poker Confession

3-Barrels: Brunson Robbery Escape; Russian Poker Playing Credit Card Thief; Beth Shak Strip Poker Confession

3-barrels of pure value for you including the 10-time World Series of Poker champion, Doyle Brunson, avoiding a robbery, a Russian uses stolen credit cards to play online poker, and Beth Shak reveals her strip poker playing past.

Doyle Brunson has told his 426,000 Twitter followers that he was close to being robbed at gunpoint a few days ago.

3-Barrels: Brunson Robbery Escape; Russian Poker Playing Credit Card Thief; Beth Shak Strip Poker ConfessionBrunson, who is a regular in the high stakes cash games in Las Vegas, was advised by police that a man was held at gunpoint a few doors down from where he lived with the assailant believing he was robbing a poker player who had $700,000 in cash on him. The man, who wasn’t a poker player, parted with $500 in exchange for the avoidance of a bullet to the head. The robber told his victim he was going to ‘kill his informant’ for the duff information.

Texas Dolly reacted by sending out a message to any prospective thieves of the future. He tweeted to anyone who likes to stick a stocking over their head that he always carries a gun when he walks from his car to his home; has alarms and motion detectors all over his house, and even if they did avoid all of those traps they wouldn’t find any money.

“Don’t these idiots know we leave our money at the casinos where we play?” Brunson Tweeted.

The Godfather has been the victim of a robbery five times in his lifetime.

Russian Credit Card Thief Used Stolen Information to Play Online Poker

From good old fashioned live crime to cyber crime and authorities have arrested a man named Roman Seleznev in connection with a credit card fraud scheme involving $170m in credit card purchases.

The FBI arrested Seleznev in The Maldives in 2014. A quick check of his laptop found a vast number of stolen credit card numbers he had gleaned by hacking into restaurant security systems in Washington and several other states.

The jury heard that Seleznev was the largest trafficker of stolen credit cards over a seven-year period before the feds caught up with him. The information came from over 200 different businesses and Seleznev used the money to buy plane tickets, flowers for his wife, and compete in an unnamed online poker room.

The case continues.

Beth Shak Strip Poker Confession

I don’t understand Strip Poker.

The loser ends up naked, but don’t we prefer to see our potential mates in a state of undress rather than fully nude?

One person who knows more about the game than me is the former poker pro, Beth Shak. Speaking in an interview with Social Life Magazine Shak explained how she would play Strip Poker with her dates to check out the goods before deciding if she wanted to go all the way to the river.

There was a complaint, though.

“Women are always at a disadvantage when playing strip poker because men wear more clothes, especially in the summer, when women are more apt to go commando than men.” Said Shak.


I am going to have an image of a naked Dan Shak in my mind for the rest of the day.

Shak’s strip poker career recently ended when she married the Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal. Perhaps, Leventhal lost in one of those games. The pair married after a whirlwind romance that lasted only four months.