Elevator Pitch – GreenZorro

GreenZorro Pitch

In this one-minute elevator pitch with CalvinAyre.com, Michael Gill of GreenZorro tells us how to turn gambling losses into winning investments.

As the famous saying goes, losing is part of the game. And that’s especially true in gambling. But what if there’s a way to turn gambling losses into winning investments? The trend of online gambling growing considerably, partly due to the growing prevalence of the internet around the world. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in today’s thriving online gambling industry, casino platforms try to outclass each other with different offerings—from new games and bonus offers to live gambling using an in-house developed software solution and even integrating the operator’s casino gaming offerings into a mobile venue. Among these operators is GreenZorro, a start-up that deals with real money gaming, but with a twist. GreenZorro is trying to differentiate itself from other platforms by allowing its users to invest their net gambling losses into a managed investment portfolio. Michael Gill, of GreenZorro, said the idea is to let users have the opportunity to play real money casino games on the platform. Then, users will be given the option to roll their losses, minus the operating costs, into managed investment portfolios that resemble those products offered by other fintech start-ups, like the ones offered by Betterment and WealthFront, among others. “We think that this value proposition is going to be compelling. It’s going to allow us not only to attract users but more importantly, to retain them. This will maximize our long-term customer value, while keeping customer acquisitions a cost under control,” Gill told CalvinAyre.com during the iGaming Entrepreneur Conference last November. GameZorro’s platform offers only real money casino games at the moment, but Gill said they are planning to include horseracing, sportsbook, bingo, and maybe even daily fantasy sports in the future. Are you an iGaming entrepreneur or company looking for an investment? Submit your ideas to CalvinAyre.com Ventures.