Marcus Tandler: Make your content perform beyond just SEO


In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Marcus Tandler of offers tips on how affiliates can drive traffic to their websites aside from relying on SEO.

To stay on top of the internet search engine, internet savvy gambling websites have relied heavily on implementing the best search engine optimization. They bombard their web contents with keywords that make it possible for people to find their websites via these search engines.

But Marcus Tandler of says, trends in the SEO game are now changing, especially since search engines like Google, for example, are now turning away from the use of keywords in determining search engines rankings to focusing on what websites are most visited by people.

“That’s the exact thing, it’s not about pleasing Google. It is about pleasing the user. So when you’re creating a content, it’s no longer about ‘I’m just creating all this content and have all this people come here and if the people don’t like it go away and the rest like it perfect,’” Tandler told “It’s really more about what do the people want. Given them exactly this, Google will catch up on those signals and it’s like ‘oh people are loving this things, so you’re going to rank higher because probably other people will like it to.’”

Tandler pointed out that the changing attitude of consumers is one of the many reasons why the current SEO trends are evolving. He said the number of consumers with short attention span are growing compared to the previous years.

Most people at present, according to Tandler, do not have the luxury of time to read an 800-word article, even if the content is masterfully written by a famous author or writer. He said the consumers now opt to watch videos rather than read a boring “how to” articles.

Unlike in the past when a tactical approach is implemented to the SEO, Tandler said that the artificial intelligence has already taken over Google.

“Now the machine is learning what sites really serves their users best and basically this is what is happening in google,” he pointed out.

He advises online gambling operators to make their websites more interactive by putting up more videos and posting quality images that can help pique the interest of the people.

“So if you can put it into a 30 sec segment on video and really explain to people ‘you have to do this and that’ and ‘that’s how you play great poker,’ this is what the people watch, so yours is going to outrank this 800-piece about how to play better poker,” Tandler pointed out. “And this is – I think – a big chance for SEO, to use those things to make their websites better. You make it personal if you really engaged people with yourself, brand yourself and stuff like this, so there’s lots of stuff and lot of opportunity for people who want to do it good.”