Product Profile – LeoVegas Live Casino

Product Profile – LeoVegas

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Karolina Pelc of LeoVegas talks how gambling and gossip can sometimes go hand in hand.

Much has been said about using innovation to appeal to more people, particularly the tech-savvy millennials.

Daniel Sahl, of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Gaming Innovations, previously said the gambling sector must abandon the isolated traditional ways of gambling in order to attract the “extraordinarily social” younger generation, who likes like to “engage in social conversations and social interactions with other people.”

“We don’t want to break the group up. When millennials get together, the group is important and they don’t want to engage in activities that pressure the group,” said Sahl.

There’s one element that Sahl and his students at UNLV should probably consider while brainstorming for innovative games: gossip.

LeoVegas, for instance, has introduced the concept of “Celebrity Blackjack,” where players can gossip and gamble at the same time.

“[It’s] basically a blackjack where you have two dealers dealing at the same time,” Karolina Pelc of LeoVegas told “They are specially-selected dealers based on some social skills and we also have a screen on which we display the latest gossip from the world of sports, from the world of tech, from the world of celebrities. And the dealers, while they’re dealing, they’re discussing the latest news that happened on that day, so basically they run through the headlines of gossip papers, you could say, but I think it’s going to be a hit with players because it makes the experience a bit more interactive, more fun.”

LeoVegas is all about introducing innovations to bring “fun at the tables.” Recently, the mobile gaming company launched a separate live casino vertical—one that is fully dedicated to live casino players.

“We have recently added a separate live casino vertical to our site, keeping the heart of LeoVegas which is really quick, fast loading mobile site and the experience is very seamless so you can move between the slots, the sportsbook and the live casino very easily from any point at the side,” Pelc said. “I think that variety is a spice of life, and the same as slots players like to have access to different kind of content providers, the feedback we got from VIP players we met and live casino players was that they would want the same kinds of things so we actually have five different live casino providers integrated and we’re looking to provide even more, so I think this is great because we can provide different kinds of features.”