BtoBet & Betradar Combine to Offer The Perfect Betting Solution for eSports

BtoBet & Betradar Combine to Offer The Perfect Betting Solution for eSports

BtoBet and Betradar will combine their intelligence in the areas of data mining and eSports betting to provide the perfect solution for sports books looking to expand into, or improve, their eSports betting solution.

BtoBet & Betradar Combine to Offer The Perfect Betting Solution for eSportsBetting on sports has come a long way.

From the blackened windows of the corner shop to making your bets over the telephone to betting on every single outcome of the sport during the event itself.

Following along the evolutionary spine of humanity’s greatest vice, we have reached an exciting phase of the cycle. A new sport is born, and not any old sport, a sport that the number crunchers believe will drag in an estimated $23 billion in wagers by 2020.

I am talking about eSports. An electronic duel between foes where the mouse and keyboards are the weapons of choice and carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries take the shape of football’s dodgy cruciate knee ligament.

Traditional sports betting sites can’t ignore the new kid on the block. Especially, a market that has seen an increase of 43% in viewing figures between 2014 & 2016 to 292m viewers. Global revenue grew by 239% during the same period raking in $463m. It’s like teaching Oasis dwellers how to ride a Cheetah.

So how do they get involved?

They have two options. They can go it alone; figure it out themselves and add an ‘eSports’ tab alongside football, horse racing and tiddlywinks. Or they can reach out and ask for help. I believe the latter option is the savvier and why not choose BtoBet and Betradar?

BtoBet & Betradar Offer The Smart eSports Solution

BtoBet calls their B Neuron platform ‘the most powerful and advanced sportsbook and gaming platform on the market.’

They pride themselves on providing value to their customers before they even see it coming. They do this by understanding their customer better than they understand themselves. They drill down into the minutiae of player’s lives and provide their customers with everything they need to know to improve their experience.

They specialise in advanced player segmentation, understanding player behaviour, and even rating a player’s happiness levels. All of this information helps a sportsbook to speak to the right person at the right level.

They also offer an automated fraud prevention assistant that picks out suspicious behaviour, deals with it, and lets you know that everything is once again hunky dory.

“We are able to improve eSports fans’ experience by offering the type of entertainment that suits them,” said BtoBet’s Head of Sportsbook, Davide Ruggeri.

Betradar is one of the giants of the sports betting data world, and they are one of the prime movers in the eSports betting market courtesy of their partnership with the Electronic Sports League (ESL). They provide all of the tools and data necessary for a traditional sports book to move into the world of eSports with minimum fuss.

Both Betradar and BtoBet offer fantastic services but together they take it to another level, and that’s what they have done.

Grega Sebela, Partner Network Manager at Betradar, said: “Betradar’s solutions and BtoBet’s AI software are a perfect combination to face the eSports market providing benefits for bookmakers and Millennials.”

To learn more about BtoBet and their new partnership head over to the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam on 9th June where Ruggeri will be appearing as one of the guest speakers.