Silvia Hoppe talks how to standout from crowded iGaming market

Silvia Hoppe on Establishing

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Silvia Hoppe of discusses how a unique, sometimes “a little bit crazy” idea can help an online gambling product stand out in a crowded market.

Be a little bit crazy.

That is if you want to stand out in the robust, yet crowded online gambling market, according to Silvia Hoppe of

“Everybody has the same games, everybody has perfect payment solutions, everybody has the same bonus cost. Think about something unique, that’s creative, a little bit crazy, a bit mad,” Hoppe told

The chief brand officer said that when they were still establishing, the company also ran into some challenges, especially with branding.

“Where [do] we want to go, what market do we want to attack more or less? Is it going to the Scandinavian market, to the German market, to the UK market? We thought about some differences which we would like to implement when launching the brand. And finding something unique is I think the biggest challenge,” Hoppe said.

The answer that came up with was to add a unique offering that will turn the brand into something special.

“One of our assets is that we are not just trying to copy what other operations are doing right now. We try to give it a little bit of added twist, a more personal twist. Of course, players who play now online, they are very much left alone at home. It’s not a Las Vegas environment where you see who’s winning next to you, people speak with each other. It’s very much you sit there, sometimes you see a little headline on your screen that somebody won again, and we want to change this. We want to be very interactive,” Hoppe said.

For other operators who also want to establish their brand in this market, the marketing veteran has this piece of advice: trying putting yourselves in the shoes of a customer.

“It’s not putting a business brand together, putting a casino strategy, or sports book strategy together, but putting something essential, adding something essential to turn the brand into something special,” Hoppe said. “If you put yourselves in the shoes of a customer… I think you have a good starting point.”