Kelvin Chiu explains slot machines’ popularity in Asia

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In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Kelvin Chiu of Asia Gaming discuss why slot machines have become very popular in Asia.

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This year is bound to be the best year for slot machines, according to Kelvin Chiu of Asia Gaming.

Chiu said the booming popularity of slot machines in Asia, particularly in China, was due to the young Chinese gamblers who have started showing interest in slots, especially with the rise of mobile devices.

“Slot games are getting very popular in Asia at the moment and it grows very fast. Previously, it was just the baccarat game and live dealer. It was just one thing in Asia. But now, the young people, they [have] started [having] fun with the slot machines. They start trusting the slot machine,” Chiu told

Asia Gaming recently rolled out three slot games, Aerial Warfare, Jurassic Slot and Year of the Monkey. Chiu chalked up the success of their games to knowing that their customers want.

“We have done quite a big difference in our games. We have, like, five players can play in one slot game at the same time. We have like different bonuses, we have many different graphic, which the Chinese people like. We are Chinese, we know what they like,” he said.

Asia Gaming is also looking to expand outside of Asia, but its target is still the Asian player. Chiu said they are working closely with the operators to educate the Asians living in other countries on what Asia Gaming has to offer.

“Many Chinese, they are actually all over the world and we believe they don’t have enough games to play, so we provide that service to the operators all around the world,” Chiu said. “We work so close with our operators. We try to help them to make more business.”


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