Andy Lulham talks surviving the increasingly competitive affiliate market

Andy Lulham on How Oddschecker move forward with it product

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Andy Lulham discusses how Oddschecker is moving away from the pure acquisition mentality of affiliates to offer a more holistic solution to its customers.

The affiliate marketing sector is changing and is becoming increasingly more competitive, but Oddschecker has found a way to stand out from competition and move forward with its products.

The key, according to Oddschecker director of marketing Andy Lulham, is to offer a more holistic solution to customers rather than just having a pure acquisition mentality.

“Initially we have an odds comparison, which is the core part of our business but… we’ve acknowledged that we need to be a much bigger part of a customer’s betting journey so that’s providing not only the markets that people to bet on but providing tips, stats, data particularly on horse racing for people to do their research on,” Lulham told

The marketing director said Oddschecker recently launched integrated betting slips, enabling the site to become a “one-stop shop for betting.”

“We’ve now launched integrated bet slips so people can log in to their operator accounts on viral sites and place bets and get their bet receipts and close it down without actually leaving our environment which is absolutely key in how we can integrate results,” Lulham said. “We are sort of one-stop shop for betting, I guess, rather than purely an affiliate just driving new customers.”

Lulham also noted the importance of personalization and segmentation of customer lists and database these days.

“Obviously with the vast array of sports and types of bets that people can put on in pre-play and in-play, it’s really important to use as much data as you possibly can and start to segment our customers by sport, by volume, by stake size, etc., and that really enable us to both through our site and our mobile products, but also through all of our marketing communications to make everything we do more contextual, more personalized, and more relevant for what people are betting on and when they’re betting it and also what device they’re betting on,” he explained.

Traditionally a UK-facing affiliate site, Oddschecker has started to expand into new markets.

“We’ve also launched our site in Australia and in Italy and we’re in the very beginning stages of growing those businesses. They’re obviously less mature markets and it will take time to build those sites up and who knows where else we’ll be in the future,” Lulham said.