Richard Downey: Tracking Coming to Television Advertising

Richard Downing on Gambling Advertising

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Richard Downey of The Mobile House discusses how television advertising can be an effective way for online gambling companies to advertise.

Television advertising is no longer for the big boys, according to Richard Downey.

The director of The Mobile House said television can be an effective way for online gambling companies—even those with modest budgets—to advertise.

“Obviously, TV gives you a level of scale in terms of audience that is difficult to get. A lot of people, up until now, they think it’s just for the big boys with the big budgets, so it’s really interesting that things are happening to make it easier for gambling guys who have modest budgets to go on TV and actually make it work for them,” Downey told

Operators who are used to tracking everything that goes on online may be wary of television advertising, but Downey said there’s an easy way to track TV advertising online.

“It’s about attribution, really, so it’s about knowing when your TV spots are airing and then being able to gather data either from your web visits or from your app download data to be able to say with a level of confidence that the spike we saw at this time of the day was because of this piece of TV activity,” he explained.

Downey said it’s essentially about joining the dots using an in-app tracking attribution software that is built for level advertising. For instance, the guys at the Mobile House make use of an innovative app tracking for advertising.

“These ad tracking solutions are widely available, everybody has them. They use them to run mobile advertising campaigns, right. So these are the things that tell you your Facebook is better than your Twitter or whatever. What we do is actually take the information out of the tracking dashboard which is not driven by mobile advertising and try to interrogate that a little bit to see whether we can find true links that we can link back to television,” Downey said. “If, for example, an app is at what we call an organic downloads—downloads that don’t come as response from mobile ads—we will look to see if that’s tied in to a particular TV spot or maybe sports or maybe some kind of trend that we can learn from in order for us to optimize our TV campaigns to make it better next time.”