Peter James Talks about Using Real Time Data for Better User Experience

Peter James: Focus on Customer Experience

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, OpenBet’s director for product marketing Peter James discusses the importance of personalization to ensure better customer experience.

Customer experience is a vital element of the online gambling industry.

At OpenBet, for example, they make sure that data is personalized for their mobile customers.

“With OpenBet system, we’re able to get all of the data from the customers, where are they betting, what they’re betting on, how often they come on to the site, how much they’re paying. All that data comes in to the OpenBet system,” Peter James, OpenBet’s director for product marketing, told

That data, according to James, is ready to be “mined” by operators.

“Four our operators, it’s their data, so the operators themselves can access that data. They can put it into different warehouses and different analytics systems, you know, [and] really get the value out of that data,” he noted. “Curating data is one thing, analyzing and using it effectively is another.”

There are many ways to use real-time data to improve customer experience. SkyBet, for instance, has a new bet tracker that lets them track every bet placed.

“They can give customers access to those bets so [once] they placed a bet, they can see the first legs come in, they’ve won. They can see second legs come in, and so on, but maybe at that point, maybe they’re going to lose a little bit of faith in the third leg coming in so they can cash in their bets at that point, and that’s all personalized to them on their mobile phone, data is being pushed to them so it’s instant and personalized,” James explained.

More than mobile, OpenBet also creates an omni-channel experience for its customers. James explained how they tie mobile back into the other products that OpenBet has.

“It’s all about having that omni-channel platform behind it all, so all of the data—regardless of the front end that they’re using—comes back to the single platform at the back end,” James said. “We’ve got not just an omni-channel customer experience. All of the apps themselves are omni-channel as well so it’s one sportsbook delivering to the web, to the mobile, to the TV even, as well as all the customer data coming back as well, so it’s really just about enabling the customer experience that the operator thinks is right.”