Product Profile – Start Live

Product Profile – Start Live

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Johnny Ferrari talks about Happy Lucky’s special product, the Start Live casino.

A virtual reality online casino industry—if such a thing exist in the future—will face many regulatory challenges. But from a creative point of view, the use of virtual reality for online gambling is already here to stay.

Alexander Tomic, co-founder of Slots Million, believes virtual reality will bridge the difference between social gamers and real-money players. With the help of virtual reality, operators can build a place where social players and real-money players can meet and play together, hopefully for real money.

“What we think that virtual reality is going to bring is the missing link between social gaming and real-money gaming,” Tomic previously told

It will take some time before virtual reality fully penetrates the online gambling industry, but that isn’t stopping operators from taking a step into offering a combination of live casino play and online casino play.

One company is Happy Lucky, which has branched out into the online live dealer software business. Live-dealer online casinos are particularly popular in Asia, where majority of players still don’t trust random number generated casino products. However, the popularity of online live-dealer is already growing worldwide.

“First of all, Happy Lucky owns two land-based casinos out of Cambodia and we’re also a software provider. We utilize these land-based casinos in conjunction with our online product to bring the world a combination of live casino play and online casino play. Same players at the table, how cool is that?” Johnny Ferrari, managing director of Start Live Casino, told

Ferrari said Start Live, which seamlessly integrates online casino operation with brick-and-mortar casinos, has been enjoying huge success in Cambodia that they already begun pitching other casinos on the benefit of adding a live-dealer option.

“Imagine you have a dealer at the table and there’s live players and you have certain spots allocated for live players at home that’s seamlessly integrated into that gameplay and most importantly start live casino,” Ferrari said.

Start Live is currently providing online casino, sports betting and lottery services for 11 clients around the world, which, according to the company, generate an average revenue of $2 million monthly.