Michael Finderup talks harnessing the power of data for sharper email marketing

Michael Finderup: Tips on How to make email markting better

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Rebecca Liggero, Power Media Group co-founder Michael Finderup shares some tips on how to make email marketing better.

How do you make your email marketing even sharper and better? For Michael Finderup, the answer is simple—harness the power of data.

The Power Media Group co-founder said using data can help make email marketing even sharper and better.

“Collecting data is one of the most important things because when you do mass email marketing, you send out broad campaigns, meaning that the campaigns will get [but] people are not always interested… so finding the right sources to get quality data all the time is important and you do that by working with the biggest networks, and apps and social media, etc.,” Finderup told CalvinAyre.com. “Collect a lot of data by asking interesting questions to different competitions in different areas.”

For email service providers, Finderup believes a combination of premium ESPs and your own servers not only work best, but also comes at a lower price.

“The best thing, if you do like mass marketing is to do like combination of some really big premiums ESPs… It takes more technical knowledge to handle the reputation and you penetrate the inbox really well,” he explained. “If you combine that with the servers you set up yourself, you can do like mass volume sending for a lower price.”

Timing wise, Finderup said experience is essentially the key to honing down one’s timing and have the most effective open rate.

“We’ve been doing this for almost seven years and we have been tracking everything. We started out with traditional email marketing, you know, like loan campaigns for credit companies and we found out that after six to 15 days after people got their salaries, it’s the best time. You converted more loans in that period. When we end up in the gaming industry, we found out that sending out gaming campaigns always works really well two days before salary and up to five days after. So if you do share regular campaigns… make sure that you time your send outs of gaming campaigns in these periods,” he noted.

Meanwhile, for affiliates trying to negotiate the right deals, Finderup has this piece of advice: put up a good mix.

“For email marketing you have to make sure that you start out having 40 percent on revenue share because it builds like, even though you don’t send any traffic the next month, you build like a base line of revenue. If you combine it with CPAs at the time dates we talk about before, sending it at the right moment and for activation it could be really important to use CPC campaigns so you have to do it like a combination of rev share, CPA deals and CPC campaigns,” he said.