3-Barrels: O’Dwyer Does Lose; Jaka Fears For His Life; Mo v Rinkema

3-Barrels: O’Dwyer Does Lose; Jaka Fears For His Life; Mo v Rinkema

3-Barrels: O’Dwyer Does Lose; Jaka Fears For His Life; Mo v Rinkema3-barrels of pure value as Steve O’Dwyer shows us that he can bleed; Faraz Jaka fearing for his life, and Jason Mo is set to duke it out with Remko Rinkema on the Joey Ingram Podcast.

It’s official folks.

Steve O’Dwyer is not a bot.

After winning over $5m playing live tournaments in Barcelona, Berlin, Malta, Macau, Amsterdam, Prague, Philippines, Bahamas, and Melbourne, since the summer, O’Dwyer leaves a live tournament festival with a hole in his pocket.

O’Dwyer picked up two results at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Dublin. He finished runner-up to Jasper Wetemans in a €1,100 No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) Turbo event for €17,180, and fourth behind David Peters, David Vamplew and Sam Greenwood in a €2,150 NLHE Turbo 6-Handed for €15,860. A far cry from the bags of seven figures he hauled away from his previous trips to Melbourne, Bahamas and the Philippines. Fortunately, for O’Dwyer he still has a very profitable family business selling clay dolls of himself. Faraz Jaka in the Midst of Cyclone Winston The Global Poker League (GPL) were nearly looking for a new manager of San Francisco Rush after Faraz Jaka book a vacation to Fiji at the worse time in the island’s history. The homeless millionaire was in the archipelago when he saw first hand the devastation a cyclone can cause. Fortunately, Jaka managed to live to tell the tale.

Not everyone was as fortunate.

According to the BBC, 29 people lost their lives after Cyclone Winston and its 200mph winds hit Fiji over the weekend. Waves reached 40ft in the air, and the evacuation toll reached 8,500 people. It’s the worst disaster to hit the country in their history.

It’s believed the death toll could rise further after inspection of the outer lying islands.

Mo v Rinkema (Ding! Ding!) Talking about cyclones, Jason Mo is about to whirl into the Joey Ingram podcast to debate the posting of the Phil Galfond op-ed: Speaking up Against High Stakes Thieves. Standing in the other corner will be poker media maestro Remko Rinkema. On the day the op-ed aired, Galfond tweeted, and Mo responded.

Mo’s opinion didn’t stop there.

Both Chad Holloway and Rinkema responded to various tweets that Mo sent out; the upshot being both Mo and Rinkema getting it on during the Joey Ingram show Fri 3 pm ET – so Rinkema can learn from Mo’s point of view apparently.