Frank Ravanelli talks DFS promotions in US versus Europe

Frank Ravanelli on Daily Fantasy Sports in US Market

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, outsourced affiliate manager Frank Ravanelli talks about the opportunities for affiliates in the daily fantasy sports market.

There’s a bit of good news for daily fantasy sports affiliates in the United States market.

Frank Ravanelli is an outsourced affiliate manager who’s an expert in the American and the European markets. And for him, there are no changes in the legal framework of daily fantasy sports happening right now.

“If you are an affiliate, it’s wise to keep promoting it,” Ravanelli told “I see the trend of the [daily fantasy sports] industry moving farther and farther away from any kind of potential risk of being considered a luck and being, like, a 99 or 100 percent based on skills.”

Still, Ravanellis warned affiliates to move with caution.

“We suggest to further focus on CPA so you can know ahead your acquisition costs and also your return of investment, [but] maybe hold a bit on revenue sharing because there is a high level of uncertainty,” he noted.

In terms of location, Ravanelli said affiliates deal with many differences when it comes to promoting DFS in America versus Europe.

“When it comes to DFS in Europe, it’s all about what the United States call soccer and what we call just football. And in North America, it’s all about the NFL. The seasonality is different. The variety of team is different. The market size is different,” he explained. “When it comes to information, I would say United States players do want usually actionable data. Europe, when it comes to the choices that the players make when they play daily fantasy sports, are, to be honest, a bit less sophisticated so you can focus more on differences between the teams and so on.”

Players in the United States and Canada are allowed to play DFS on U.S.-based DFS operators, but Ravanelli said the European market is different.

“When it comes to European footballer, as long as it’s allowed by law, you can target everywhere in the world, meaning South America, Europe, Asia. Southeast asia is a big interest in fantasy sports, that’s why many operators are thinking about a UK license,” he said, “meaning you can attract people in English plus local European languages and you can attract people who belong to a British Commonwealth, whether they speak English outside Europe as well. “