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In this episode of Chats with Tats, poker star Daniel Negreanu reveals to’s Tatjana Pasalic his secret to success—Choice Center.

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Ever wonder what is Daniel Negreanu’s secret to success?

Negreanu has several titles under his belt. He was voted the Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Decade, he has won six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, covering all three continents, he’s the only player to win two WSOP Player of the Year titles, two World poker Tour (WPT) titles, has close to $30 million in earnings, and is a true ambassador of poker through his work as member of PokerStars Team Pro.

The poker superstar said the successes he’s been getting are a result of a waking up process that was largely brought on after his stint at Choice Center.

“Choice Center was really impactful for me,” Negreanu told “It’s really, really introspective. It’s a real deep look into yourself. What holds you back from success? What things in your past potentially have created self-limiting beliefs that you now allow yourself to sort of, like, decide that you can’t do this or that, so it was really powerful for me to just really touch deep into my confidence, and you know, I’ve had great success ever since I went [there].”

Negreanu admitted that he was skeptic at first, but it was his agent, Brian Balsbaugh, who talked him into attending the classes.

“A lot of my friends have done it. My agent Brian Balsbaugh recommended it, and I thought, OK, sure I’d try this course out. First couple days I was there, I was like, what? It seems a little odd,” he noted.

The professional poker player said the course taught him to “declare and deliver.”

“It’s called clear intention, essentially. So what I do is I get clear on what is exactly I want to accomplish. Now, every action that I take should be in line with that. There’s drinking all night before the tournament, is that in line with it? No. is sleeping eight hours in line? Yes. Is being prepared, is looking the way you want, being comfortable, all those things. So I always look at the end goal and then work backwards. I’m detached from the results, but I know what I want the result to be,” Negreanu said.



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