Top Matchbook Traders Conference speakers to watch for

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The first of its kind, the Matchbook Traders Conference is exclusively for sports traders who want to take their trading career to the next level.

Online betting exchange has announced its first annual Matchbook Traders Conference to be held at Emirates Stadium, London on October 14th, which aims to bring together the greatest minds in sports betting to impart their knowledge on traders looking to take their careers to the next level.

Top Matchbook Traders Conference speakers to watch out for The combination of the speakers gives the conference an excellent rounding in the industry for any individual. All sessions have been crafted to provide practical knowledge that is accessible and easy to apply.

Eleven guest speakers will impart their knowledge and trading insight to give you unparalleled access to the world of a professional sports trader. Combining betting theory, strategy, real life experience and how to handle data, this trader’s conference truly is the first of its kind and will prove an invaluable resource to your aspirations of becoming a professional trader.

One example is, self-taught R Programmer Tom Heslop who cuts through the complicatedness of data modeling in his session and provides a meaningful introduction to the basics.

Rasmus Ankerson, former football player and trainer at FC Midtjylland, will focus on the role of analytics in achieving consistency in the world of football while Dan Weston, a sports analyst, will look at how you can turn a traditionally ‘watched’ sport into a data-driven one.

Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams will provide a talk on how economic theory can impact on betting, providing the basis and grounding for any successful bettor. For those who are thinking of, or already are professional sports traders, Thomas Adcock provides a full tax 101 talk to cover the less exciting but equally as important aspects of being a professional bettor.

Dominic Cortis will answer questions such as how can you use a dataset to fit a theory; are popular staking methods in betting inherently faulty; and how can you utilize regression and correlation in your betting.

Andreas Koukorinis will illustrate why sports betting markets are not that different from mainstream financial markets, and how this insight can be applied to unlock the true value of betting.

Alex Kozlenov will discuss the variety of different channels that TXODDS operates on and how it technically works via the web service API.

UK’s top sports traders Will Wilde, Vasu Shan, and Matt Piper share their stories on how they made the leap from hobby punter to pro! This talk will open the doors to the world of the pro punter and show how they make it work long-term by adapting to an ever-changing industry.

The conference isn’t purely business though, as Matchbook will end the day with an after party, an excellent opportunity for bettor, both amateur and professional to network and build contacts with some of the most well-connected and well-known sports traders in the world. If you’re a professional bettor or thinking about becoming one, the after-party is a golden opportunity to get your name out there and promote yourself.


The Matchbook Traders Conference could be the start to your professional sports trading career, or put it in the next level. For more information visit their website or click here to register.


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