PPC Tip of the Week: Keyword selection and coverage

PPC Tip of the Week: Keyword selection and coverage

The Media Image’s Manny Berndorfler talks about Keyword selection and coverage in this edition of CalvinAyre.com’s PPC Tip of the Week.

Hi I’m Manny Berndorfler, I lead the search team at The Media Image and this is my PPC tip of the the week. Today we’re discussing some tips around adcopy, landing pages and keyword selection….

As mentioned in previous tips, there are slightly different tactics for sportsbetting and gaming…

PPC for sports needs to be extremely dynamic, both from adcopy as well as keyword selection. Every new match, fixture or major upset offers opportunity to capture punters but ONLY if the team is on top of this and commits to daily campaign updates. Watch out for odds and tips related traffic – these can eat into your budget and are historically difficult to convert…enhanced offers are all the rage in the UK, and Google’s new dynamic adcopy updates offers some interesting opportunities for countdown copy.

For casino, the main priority is to avoid ANY unnecessary clicks. Even just 10-20 clicks on suboptimal traffic can eat into the budget and drive up CPA’s. As such, be careful around no deposit/free – type queries until you understand the player value around these. When running casinos terms on broadmatch, aggressively exclude any queries for LAND BASED casinos. On the adcopy, the key is to identify the most attractive offer or run separate offers based on keyword competition and the query type – i.e. a 200 Free Spins on a slots query, and an attention grabbing £1500 match bonus for keywords like [online casino]