Real Money Gaming On Mobile

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Real Money Gaming On MobileFor anyone who’s been waiting years to make a dollar from the hundreds of hours spent honing their skills on phone games, the moment has arrived. GamyTech a company focused on skill games decided to release the first version of Flappy Bird for Money.

The key to GamyTech’s success is that while casino style-games have been waiting for legislation that legalizes online betting for games of chance, gambling on games of skill is already legal in 36 States. 

In my opinion, gambling on skill-based video games could become much larger than any casino-style mobile game said Jonathan Swerdlow, GamyTech’s CEO.

Money Birds has been inspired by one of the most addictive game in the history of gaming: Flappy Bird. In just a few weeks, the mobile app Flappy Bird became a global phenomenon. It was a simple game, but frustrating and endless. Sharing many similarities with the famous Helicopter Game — only with Super Nintendo-style graphics — it’s safe to say Flappy Bird took over the web.

Money Birds is a very basic but an extremely hard game to play. There is only 1 control – you tap the screen to make your bird flap. There is only one objective – keep your bird from hitting obstacles or falling on the floor. There is only one kind of obstacle – green pipes. Despite the simple description above, it is a really, really hard game.



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