PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Campaigns for Casino

PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Campaigns for Casino

The Media Image’s Manny Berndorfler talks about Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for Casino in this edition of CalvinAyre.com’s PPC Tip of the Week.

Today we’re looking at what to focus on for running an effective casino campaign on Pay-Per-Click…

The casino landscape is HYPER COMPETITIVE and you need nerves of steel bidding keywords at up to £180/click! At such sky high CPC’s, having a close eye on budget and conversion rates is absolutely crucial and if you want to succeed you need to look for value where your competitors are either not looking or not putting in the hard research…

Unlike Sportsbetting, Casino acquisition patterns follow a more predictive pattern – slow during the day, they pick up around the evening and around payday weeks. With such defined patterns, scheduled bid upweights and day-parted campaigns will allow you to ride those waves effectively without wasting money during less attractive periods.

This also means that  automated bidding algorithms do quite well in the gaming space. Tests we’re run with DoubleClick Search routinely manage to shave 20-30% off of CPC’s for high volume generic terms and push out up to 4 bid adjustments per hour!

With such extreme competition, adcopy optimisation becomes a key differentiator for success – squeezing out a few extra CTR’s can boost your Quality Score and help in reducing the cost per clicks. Customizing these at keyword level and further testing offers and call to actions are the main priorities.

Final tip would be around leveraging the long tail – whilst the majority of players will ultimately come from a handful of terms, adding a few extra players from cheaper keywords can really help in bringing down the average. Think outside the box here and test, test, test….