EveryMatrix Lunch Seminar Highlights

EveryMatrix Lunch Seminar Highlights

CalvinAyre.com takes us to the EveryMatrix Lunch Seminar held on Friday, June 5 at the New World Hotel, Philippines.  

EveryMatrix launched a lunch seminar on June 5 at the New World Hotel, Philippines, aiming to raise the awareness of EveryMatrix in Asia.

According to EveryMatrix Sales and Marketing Director Nick Hill, the company has spent a few years researching the Asian online gambling market and has identified and built the products that suit the market.

EveryMatrix has opened an  office in Manila, thus ensuring a presence within the region while catering to the growing demands of the online gaming communities in Asia and it has some operators on the Asian market.

“We’ve had a good turnout. I think everybody enjoyed the lunch. We had three good speeches. Mine went suprisingly well and made a great introduction. I think the real star of the event is Levon [Nikoghosyan, EveryMatrix Armenia Branch CEO] who introduces new products and our new Asian management system. I think he did a really good job,” said EveryMatrix Business Development Manager Ian Sherrington.

We started the promotion at what we are going t launch until the end of this year so what we are going to launch is the Partner Matrix 2nd verion. EveryMatrix 2nd version at the end of the year and also the UBO, the Unified Back Office, a comfortable tool for experienced operators.It’s the dream that most operators are thinking aboutto have because it will make their lives way more comfortable,” said EveryMatrix Armenia Branch CEO Levon Nikoghosyan.