Tobias Peters Wins the Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller

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Tobias Peters has won the Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller after beating Timo Schneider, in heads-up action, to take the first prize of €37,548.

Tobias Peters Wins the Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller

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Tobias Peters has won the Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller. He beat the German Timo Schneider in heads-up action to take the first prize of €37,548.

The Dutchman overcame a field of 81 entrants in the €2,200 buy-in event. It was the first time the Eureka Poker Tour had played out in Hamburg, and by all accords it’s been a great success.

11 players were paid, with €43,210 originally set aside for the winner. An amount that was cut down a little after Peters agreed an ICM chop with Schneider and Steven Abbey.

One well-known player that made the money was Max Kruse. The Borussia Monchengladbach striker likes his poker. Last year he finished 3/241 in the $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), for a $36,494 pay day. He picked up €3,930 for finishing 10th in this.

Peters went into the final day with the chip lead, and all of the experience. This victory is the third biggest score of his career, the highlight of which came in 2011 when he finished runner-up to his fellow countryman Mateusz Moolhuizen, in the Unibet Malta Main Event. He picked up €76,000 for that performance. This is his first live tournament victory since 2013.

The first player to fall by the wayside, on the final day, was Ali Sameeian. He moved all-in from the button, holding [Kh] [2s], and was looked up from the small blind by Schneider, holding [As] [Tc]. Ace high won the day, and Sameeian was out in fifth.

Fourth spot was reserved for Fabian Petersen. He shoved his short stack into the middle with [Qc] [Ts], and was gobbled up by Abbey and his American Airlines.

After Petersen hit the rail the three started negotiating a deal. It ended like this:

Tobias Peters – €33,548
Timo Schneider – €27,419
Steven Abbey – €27,073

That left €6,000 to play for, with the winner picking up €4,000, and the runner-up pocketing the rest.

Only one person’s take home pay stayed the same after that. Abbey and Schneider getting the chips in on a [7d] [5h] [4h] flop, with Schneider holding [Qh] [Jh] for the flush draw, and Abbey holding [9h] [6s], for the open-ender. The board ran out [Ad], and [7c], and Schneider took the pot with queen high. Abbey’s short stack ended up in Peters big stack a few hands later.

That big hand gave Schneider the slight chip lead when the heads-up phase began. According to the PokerStars blog it took 20-hands before the biggest hand of heads-up played out.

Peters limped and then called a 75,000 Schneider raise. The flop was [Tc] [8d] [2d], Peters led for 87,000 and Schneider called. The [3h] hit the turn and Peters moved all-in. Schneider called holding [Ah] [Kd], for ace high, but Peters held [Qh] [8s] for top pair. A third eight hit the river to hand Peters trips.

The final hand occurred when both players looked down to see an ace in their hand. Schneider had a four with his, Peters a seven, and it paired on the flop to hand him the additional €4,000, trophy and title.

Final Table Results

1st. Tobias Peters – €37,548
2nd. Timo Schneider – €29,419
3rd. Steven Abbey – €27,073
4th. Fabian Petersen – €15,480
5th. Ali Sameeian – €12,260
6th. Rudolf Koster – €9,590
7th. Milan Rabsz – €7,540
8th. Sven Reichardt – €5,890


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