Dan Bilzerian Could Face Six Years Behind Bars After Blowing up a Tractor Trailer

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Dan Bilzerian’s legal team advise the media that the Instagram King is keen to arrange a plea deal to avoid trial on felony charges that Bilzerian and his friend blew up a home made bomb in a Las Vegas desert.

Who am I to give Dan Bilzerian advice?

Dan Bilzerian Could Face Six Years Behind Bars After Blowing up a Tractor TrailerThe man has a gazillion dollars, has more bit part roles in movies than a Ricky Gervais Extras character, sleeps with more women than I have cuddly toys, and owns a goat.

But if I were to give Bilzerian some advice it would be this.

“When blowing shit up in places where you aren’t allowed to blow shit up, don’t tell your millions of social media followers that you blew the shit up.”

Before the weekend broke out Bilzerian’s lawyer David Chesnoff told the press that he hoped to arrange a plea deal, to avoid trial, on felony charges that Dan Bilzerian created a homemade bomb, planted it on a tractor trailer, and then blew it up in a Las Vegas desert.

Bilzerian, and his buddy, Jeremy David Guyman, were arrested for the crime after a series of clues that Inspector Clouseau would have had no problem tracking.

According to press reports packaging that was used to house the bomb making materials were found addressed to Bilzerian’s home, the person they bought the truck from told investigators that they had said they were going to ‘blow it up’, and Bilzerian boasted about it online thus placing him at the scene.

The pair is currently on a $10,000 bond and neither of them appeared in person at the special briefing – arranged so the defense could meet with the prosecution to try and wangle a way out of this for Bilzerian and Guymon.

It’s believed that the pair used a high-powered rifle to shoot the bomb, at distance. Several people were hiking in the area at the time, and reported that debris flew over their heads.

If found guilty, the pair could face six years behind bars and receive fines ranging between $5,000 and $10,000. Justice of the Peace Joseph Sciscento set the case for a status check on Feb 6.

Interestingly, the legal team of David Chesnoff, and Richard Schonfield – who are representing Bilzerian and Guymon – are also part of the legal team that are defending Paul and Darren Phua in the illegal sports betting saga that we have widely reported on at this site.


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