Flash Bitch Picks Coral As Exclusive Betting Partner, Sets Sights On TV Quiz Show

Flash Bitch Picks Coral As Exclusive Betting Partner, Sets Sights On TV Quiz Show

Flash Bitch Picks Coral As Exclusive Betting Partner, Sets Sights On TV Quiz ShowFlash Bitch, the UK’s leading celebrity and novelty betting blog, have chosen Coral in an exclusive partnership. Flash Bitch is a TV blog with a primary focus on reality television and related betting. An edgy, controversial and sarcastic tone provides a commentary to the latest look at reality television from a tongue-in-cheek perspective while directing its readers to Coral’s latest odds and regular 100% exclusive enhanced offers.

“Coral make a perfect partner in this respect given their position in the UK high street and enthusiasm to explore new ideas.” – Paul Reilly – CEO – Media Skunk Works

While Flash Bitch’s identity remains a secret, she is known for her spiky sense of humour. Capturing the audience with either a giggle or a gasp. Her intuition and track record for betting predictions make her the TV tipster of choice.

We have expanded our content coverage to include more TV shows, gossip and reality than ever before. Providing detailed commentary on shows such as The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Tumble, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, as well as articles and odds for the novelty/specials betting markets. Markets, which are growing on a daily basis, as Coral’s Nicola McGeady said:

“Novelty betting has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to the likes of the X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent and so on. However, it’s no longer just talent contests that is attracting money. Last July, royal baby betting exceeded all expectations, with punters betting on the name, hair colour, and gender the future monarch. Now that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again, we’re expecting a frenzy of similar heights, with turnover expected to reach a million pounds across the betting industry.”

Flash Bitch’s owners, Media Skunk Works are rumoured to have entered into discussions regarding a Flash Bitch TV Show to help establish a strong brand identity along with augmented audience participation and social engagement. The details are still closely guarded; however one insider alluded to the deal involving the Speed Quizzing smartphone quiz platform that Media Skunk Works acquired a 22% stake in back in 2013.


Media Skunk Works deliver exotic, multi-channel, multi-lingual player acquisition strategies for the world’s largest gambling companies. Founded in 2012 and based at the University of York they have earned a reputation for scalable digital marketing and big data solutions for intricately designed acquisition, retention and retargeting strategies.