PokerStars’ Propaganda Machine Releases Two Videos; Joe Cada Gets Candid About His Split

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As PokerStars look forward to a return to US cyberspace, the propaganda machine churns out two new ‘Inside PokerStars’ videos designed to show a transparency, integrity, and trust for the largest online poker room in the world.

PokerStars Propaganda Machine Releases Two Videos; Joe Cada Gets Candid About His SplitDo you want to know what kind of company PokerStars is?

Are you interested in what they do with your money?

If those are two questions that tug at your chain, then you are in luck. The world’s largest online poker room have released two carefully choreographed videos that answer those questions, only you won’t be hearing anything you didn’t already know.

I have very mixed feelings about these types of videos.

On one hand I am a big fan. I feel a sense of warmth towards any organization that is as transparent as PokerStars are trying to be. Then I consider the timing of the videos, the entrance into the US market, and the carefully planned script—and it winds me up.

If you have never played online poker in your life then the videos will appeal to you. If you have then you won’t gain much value from what you see.

James Hartigan is the presenter of both videos. The first carries the title: Inside PokerStars 1: What Kind of Company is PokerStars? and Hartigan interviews the Head of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser.

“It started as a start up company, and grew very rapidly,” says Hollreiser.

The communications expert continues to talk about the things concerned US citizens will be worried about. Focus on customer service was driven throughout the video: “The success of the company is built on delivering a product and service players love,” says Hollreiser.

There is also mention of PokerStars intention to work alongside governments to ensure that regulation is tight, and that Stars will always be at the forefront of the world of gaming because they are recognized as one of the biggest and best gaming companies in the world.

Are you listening USA?

The second video carries the title: Inside PokerStars 2: What Does PokerStars do with my Money? Although it could easily have carried the title: Inside PokerStars2: Chill We Are Nothing Like Full Tilt Poker.

In this video Hartigan talks to the Directory of Treasury, Donna Crellin, who tells us what we already know. Their player funds have always been segregated from the rest of the PokerStars cash, they are segregated today, and they will always be segregated in the future.

“We have learned a lot since 2008, so it’s important for us that we are not exposed to the risk of any one bank,” says Crellin when explaining the need to have the player funds in different banks.

It seems the series is going to continue with Hartigan asking viewers to submit questions to the team at So submit your questions whilst you have the chance.

Joe Cada Catches the Transparency Bug

It seems the open and honest approach that PokerStars is showing the world seems to be catching. Former employee, Joe Cada, has bucked the trend by tweeting openly about the reasons behind is axing from the PokerStars team.

I love Cada’s honesty here. Most pros like to ‘keep the powder dry’ so to speak, and the general public are none the wiser as to why the split took place. I can understand the desire to keep quiet, and not scare off any potential employees of the future, but Cada must have confidence in his ability to represent – and I like that. So whose side is the community on? I’ll let you work that out for yourself.




Although there is one player who understands the needs of the company.


Right, what’s that e-mail again?


I am writing to ask you why Joe Cada was not allowed a 100% rake back deal…


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