Ali Ayub Wins the Genting Poker Series Dusk Till Dawn Main Event

Ali Ayub Wins the Genting Poker Series Dusk Till Dawn Main Event

Local lad Ali Ayub prevents Ellie Biessek from becoming a two-time Genting Poker Series champion, by beating her in heads-up action to win his first-ever title at Dusk till Dawn in Nottingham.

Ali Ayub Wins the Genting Poker Series Dusk Till Dawn Main Event“Anyone watching online will know that I earned this,” said Ali Ayub after nailing a ten on the river to come from behind to beat Ellie Biessek in the Genting Poker Series (GPS) Main Event in Dusk till Dawn (DTD).

Not only was it Ayub’s first-ever title but also the £40,255 that he earned for his first place finish, dwarfed his highest-ever finish of just £490. Once again, the winner goes home with the trophy but he isn’t the man who went home with the most money. That honor went to the Pole Ellie Biessek who took £50,680 after a deal was struck when three handed.

When the final table was set all eyes were on Steve Watts, Chris Sly and Biessek. Watts is a former bwin World Poker Tour (WPT) National Marbella champion, and has been in excellent form since cashing in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event for $123,597 back in 2013.

Watts had previously finished in 16th place the last time he cashed in a GPS Main Event, and he would have to settle for sixth position in this one after being eliminated by the Pole. Watts shipping his final 11bb with AJhh, only to run into the AQcc of Beissek – a queen on the turn ending any lingering doubts.

The word from DTD is that Chris Sly had a huge sway of local support, but once again it would be the former GPS Main Event champion Biessek who would spoil the party. Sly opened the small blind for 250,000 and Biessek called. The flop was [As] [6s] [5c] and after a raising war the pair got it in with Sly holding [Ac] [Js], for top pair, and Biessek holding [Ks] [7s] for the nut flush draw. The dealer turning the [2s] to send Sly to the rail and it was from this point on that a deal was made.

Biessek took the lion share of the cash (£50,680) holding 7,870,000 chips, Ali Ayub took £40,225 holding 4,680,000 chips, and Mark Elliot secured £35,760 whilst holding 3,260,000 chips.

Ayub would end Elliot’s hopes of a title when his pocket aces dominated the ATo of his opponent, and he would come from behind holding KT v A9 of Biessek to eventually capture the title in front of his friends and family on the rail.

“I may have got second but I got the most money, so I am very happy. I also got it in ahead and was unlucky,” Ellie told the Genting team after her loss.

“It’s a really good feeling. I have been playing in Nottingham a long time. Every time I play in a big one I run really bad and I thought this would be the same. I had a terrible start on Day 1. But today, anyone watching online will know that I earned this. This is my first significant win, I have lots of family and friends here and I am glad that I was able to do it,” said a delighted Ayub.

The event was the biggest of the GPS season thus far. 632 entrants contributed to a £252,800 prize pool and Ayub prevented Biessek from capturing her second GPS Main Event after taking the title in Newcastle back in 2013.

Final Table Standing

1st. Ali Ayub – *£40,255

2nd. Ellie Biessek – *£50,680

3rd. Mark Elliot – *£35,760

4th. Chris Sly – £17,500

5th. Zigmantas Jockus – £12,750

6th. Steve Watts – £9,500

7th. Hamid Rowshanaei – £7,500

8th. Michel Howard – £5,500

9th. Eirmas Livons – £3,750

*Indicates a three-way deal

The next stop for the GPS will be Edinburgh on October 29.