Full Flush Poker Announce “Game of Poker Thrones” Promotion

Full Flush Poker Announce “Game of Poker Thrones” Promotion

Three Roads, Three Houses, and Nine Different Battles Lead to the G.O.P.T. $100K GTD 

Full Flush Poker Announce “Game of Poker Thrones” PromotionSan Jose, Costa Rica (Thursday, August 28, 2014) – FullFlushPoker.com (“FFP”) announced today the launch of their upcoming Game of Poker Thrones (G.O.P.T.) promotion, set to kick off on Monday, September 8th, and running right through until the G.O.P.T. $100,000 Guaranteed, on Sunday, January 4th, 2015 at 5pm ET.

It’s a promotion of epic proportions, which is loaded with all the excitement and dynastic struggles inspired by its namesake smash-hit TV series. The G.O.P.T. throws up three treacherous ‘Roads’, plus one super easy one, under the royal banner of four different noble Houses, each with varying levels of risk attached. That’s a total of nine battles in which to flex your poker skills, and conquer the competition. Three of the ‘Roads’ offer players three Satellite Steps each on the trek to the ‘holy grail’ of the promotion, the Game of Poker Thrones $100K GTD.

House 1 (the Starks) presents Satellites that are 10-Max tournaments, with low to moderate buy-ins, between $1 and $15. Fight your way through the Battle of the Whispering Wood, Battle Fall of Winterfell, and the Red Wedding. This is considered the easiest and most budget-friendly way to earn a ‘Swordsman’ (treasure), which can be used as entry into the GOPT $100K GTD.

House 2 (the Targaryens) Satellites are 6-Max events, with the same buy-ins as House 1, but a slightly different prize structure, awarding fewer Swordsman treasures and less Satellite Rebuys, making it slightly more of a challenge. Along this route, players will encounter the Battle of Astapor, the Battle of Yunkai, and the Sack of Meereen.

The House 3 (the Lannisters) Satellites will throw you into the fray in the Battle of Blackwater, the Purple Wedding, and the Battle of the Red Viper versus the Mountain. These are Heads Up tournaments with higher buy-ins between $15 and $45. While this is the toughest path to choose, facing ‘the enemy’ in a head-to-head crusade will be great preparation for the obstacles and adversities that players may encounter in the ultimate clash, the GOPT $100K GTD Main Event.

The fourth House of Baratheon represents those who travel through life on ‘easy street’ and will choose to skip the Steps, preferring to buy-in directly to the G.O.P.T. $100K GTD.

Players can also skip Steps within a specific House, and switch Houses along the way. Extra ‘Swordsmen’ earned can be used for Rebuys and Add-ons in the main event, so there’s still great value – and valor – if a player happens to earn multiple ‘Swordsman’ treasures throughout the run of the promotion.

So poker warriors, choose your ‘House’ and your ‘Battles’ wisely, and you could be well on your way to a starring role in the ultimate Full Flush challenge, our Quest for the G.O.P.T. $100K GTD on January 4th, 2015 ($90+$9.00 direct buy-in).

Satellites start Monday, September 8th, with buy-ins from as little as $1.00

The G.O.P.T – It’s coming soon to a table near you!! Check HERE for Full Promotional details.

**See attached PDF Map for a full visual representation of the Quest for the G.O.P.T. $100K GTD.

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