Question of The Day – Opportunities For Affiliates in Mobile Gambling

Question of The Day - Opportunities For Affiliates in Mobile Gambling

Becky Liggero talks to Andrew Edwards, Alex Pratt, Itsik Akiva and Sarafina Gabriel as they share their thoughts on what kind of opportunities are there for igaming affiliates in the mobile gambling industry.


Question: What kind of opportunities are there igaming affiliates and the mobile gambling industry?

Andrew Edwards (Founder of Madabout Media Ltd)

“Actually, I am living proof right now. It’s only days for Madabout slots mobile casino, which is doing great with probability. Everything will be in mobile by 2015–2016. Everyone needs to start looking at that area, you know. And if you have an online site, you need to have a mobile site as well.”

Alex Pratt (Head of Sport and Gaming of iGaming Business)

“A massive opportunity for mobile gaming; the players are a lot bigger values. They tend to play for longer and that is a longer life of revenue. So I think it’s a massive opportunity and the affiliates are embracing it.”

Itsik Akiva (Owner of Headway Consulting Services)

“Everybody is going mobile right now. Mobile is becoming bigger, the devices are becoming bigger. And I think that search is also becoming more of bigger component in mobile so affiliates  should conside it as part of strategy and not neglect it.”

 Sarafina Gabriel (Director of Affiliate Marketing of Income Access)

“Right now you have to follow what the consumer is doing. And most of us are sitting watching TV with our mobile tablet or phones. Most of the companies now are seeing a good 15–30 percent acquisition through mobile traffic alone so it is a growing industry that can be ignored anymore.”