Samuel Chartier: Hockey Pucks, Golf Balls and Lychee Liqueur

Samuel Chartier: Hockey Pucks, Golf Balls and Lychee Liqueur

Lee Davy catches up with Samuel Chartier to talk about his love for sports, his decision to branch out into the vodka business and much more.

I catch Samuel Chartier as he walks down the halls of the Rio punching messages into his phone. He has, of course just busted from an event – par for the course when I need someone to interview.

Samuel Chartier: Hockey Pucks, Golf Balls and Lychee LiqueurBut his spirits are high and the loss has already fallen onto the floor to be trodden on by the thousands of passers by.

“It takes me five minutes and I am over it.” Says Chartier.

And I believe him, that’s why he’s so goddam good.

Chartier came into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) on a bit of a high, after taking first place in the C$10,400 No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) High Roller at the PokerStars Canada Cup in Kahnawake, but the heat has dies down quite considerably.

“I have played a lot of events, but haven’t got any runs going, and have only min-cashed a $1k. But there are still a lot of big tournaments left…so there is hope.”

Is Chartier happy with his game, or are we just talking variance here?

“It’s only variance. I may have been slightly steaming, in some spots, but in general I am very happy with my game.”

So what does this charming young man get up to when he’s not eating chips?

“I try to enjoy life by playing as much sports as I can. I have been golfing quite a bit here in Vegas. Back home, I had a wrist injury for a while, but I am back on track and am going to re-start playing ice hockey like I used to.”

Ice hockey?

Chartier doesn’t strike me as a fighter?

“It’s a pretty pointless part of the game to be honest. I might have been involved in 4-5 serious one-on-one fights in my lifetime on the ice. It’s not so much my game.”

I ask him if the fighting is more prevalent in there amateur game?

“It used to be more predominant back in the 70s and 80s but now it’s pretty useless and you don’t see that many fights anymore.”

Away from the table Chartier has also gotten involved in a new business venture.

“I have started a vodka company with a childhood friend from back home. We announced a maple-flavored vodka, and it’s going pretty well. We also have a few more products coming out in the coming months. The name of the vodka is Nabazo and we also have a lychee flavored liquor.”

That strange looking garnish you find in Indian restaurants? I never know whether to eat it or pin it onto my lapel?

“It’s a pretty tasty fruit, and one of my favorites.”

Why the vodka business?

“My friend is a chemist, and the brains behind the recipe, and we have just brought it up to the licensing establishments and got the product in about a year ago.”

It seems like a sound plan to spread his finances to other tributaries than poker?

“It’s more about having some sort of balance than a financial thing. It’s just having something to do apart from poker rather than just playing all day. It’s how I keep my mind straight. I would never play poker all of the time.”

So what next for Chartier?

“I am playing the $10k PLO, and the Main, and I hope I do very well in those.”

If you keep of the maple flavored vodka I am sure you will do fine Sam.