Interview with Kezia Noble: Applying the Art of seduction to iGaming ads

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Becky Liggero sits with Pick up Coach Kezia Noble as she talks about how the art of seduction applies to creating a great online gambling advertisement.

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By definition, seduction is the process of enticing a person, to persuade or induce to engage someone to alter their behavior and Kezia Noble, an expert in the art of seduction, a dating coach for men and author of the book Noble Art of Seducing Women, created structure on how men can increase success rate with women which is not only an effective way to attract mates but also a perfect formula for creating an advertisement for online gambling industry.

“I have a blueprint or a structure that I give to my client that creates a perfect interaction or, in your case, a commercial. It’s five phases—Impact, Connection, Pat and break-in, Attraction spikes then the Close,”Kezia Noble said. “I show all my clients how they can apply those five elements very very quickly.”

She also explains that the music, the senses and the images—these are the non-bearable part of the advertisement, which would be same as body language.Corals ad is a great example, when a woman dressed in a sexy jockey’s outfit walks in, displaying betting odds for a horse race on a sign then encourages one of the men to engage in some mobile betting by tapping his phone with her whip.

There are commercials that have a high conversion rate because they use certain words that work on a sub-conscious mind; what is it saying about the lifestyle and the product work as an attraction spikes.And it’s definitely more than showing beautiful girls–which usually works—but it has to build a deeper connection like when a blond girl glides into the room, took of her jersey shirt and there your are…two perfect foobs (football boobs) sweet!


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