The Hendon Mob Connects With The Tournament Director

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the-hendon-mob-with-the-tournament-directorThe Hendon Mob has agreed a deal with The Tournament Director software owners that will see a direct link introduced into the latest software update that allows users to send their tournament results direct to the HM website.

Do you ever win a tournament in your local casino and then check Hendon Mob in the hope that your profile has been updated only to be upset when you realize nothing has changed?

Well don’t fret, because the people behind the Global Poker Index (GPI) and the Hendon Mob (HM) feel your pain, and they are already doing something about it.

Alex Dreyfus and his band of merry men and women has brokered a deal with The Tournament Director.  The software used by Tournament Directors and Casino from all over the globe as an application to run and manage their poker tournaments.

The latest version of the software (Version 3.3) will include the facility for users of The Tournament Director software to send their tournament results direct to the HM for vetting and accuracy readings.

This move means the range of the HM and GPI is wider that it has ever been, giving its 4m users more details and more accuracy than we have ever witnessed in the history of the HM database.

The changes are a win-win for all concerned as the players get a more accurate profile, casinos get more exposure and the HM/GPI get more data that will help with their push to introduce the Global Poker I.D system scheduled for introduction in the next two years.

It’s envisioned that the GP I.D will become the standard identification system in world poker, and can be used for ease of identification for such things as payment processing, results tracking and media spotting.

This move also gives more people the opportunity to gain GPI points and to one day see their names progressing from their local casino leaderboard to the heights of the GPI Top 300.

“We hope that tournament directors find the newest feature to Version 3.3 of The Tournament Director to be very useful”, said The Hendon Mob and Global Poker Index CEO Alexandre Dreyfus. “We’re happy to be partnering with The Tournament Director and are elated that the ability to automatically send tournament results directly to THM will allow tournament directors to save some valuable time.”


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