Timothy Adams to Play in the BIG ONE for ONE DROP

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Timothy Adams to Play in the BIG ONE for ONE DROP Audio


Timothy Adams is one of those kids that you know is destined to have a great life. Good looking, well dressed, good body and a superb poker player, not bad when you consider other life alternatives.

He is also a very genial young man, well spoken and well educated. Perhaps this is why he has quickly risen among the ranks to become part of the Super High Roller group that have created this elite tier in modern poker.

Since winning his World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, and finishing fourth in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Grand Prix de Paris in 2012; Adams has picked up a fourth, sixth and fifth in High Roller events to take his live career earnings up to $2.1m in a little over 18-months.

Whereas the WSOP Main Event is the one event that professional players look forward to each year, the BIG ONE for ONE DROP is an event that has the High Rollers drooling; and Adams is no exception.

“I have already put my name on the list and I am going to play.” Said Adams when questioned about his potential inclusion in the 56-player roster.

Every poker player knows how difficult it is to drop down a level when the going gets tough. With $1m buy-in events now coming into the focus of Adams, how does this affect him when he has to sign up for a €7,500 buy-in?

“When you are playing a High Roller event you are definitely a little more focused, exciting and are trying to bring out your A+ game. So when you are jumping back into a Main Event, or Side Event, you can be a little less focused.” Said Adams.

With variance so critical in poker, how does Adams and the rest of the High Roller roster manage their finances?

“It wholly depends on people’s situations. Some people have more percentages of themselves than others. The biggest thing for us is that a lot of guys are hedging their risk by swapping out percentages with other top players in order to guarantee some form of rebate back from the tournament. So if it’s a $25k event you may buy-in for the whole amount and swap out a certain percentage, but the 100k buy-ins is a huge buy-in and there are not a lot of people putting up the whole 100K, some people will put up 50/60% and swap out some more.’

So how exactly do you gravitate from €7.5k buy-ins to €25k buy-ins to €100k buy-ins and then $1m buy-ins?

“Playing a lot online, reviewing hands and talking to friends. Basically, being inspired, motivated and wanting to get better. It’s all about being competitive. I am really competitive and it’s always important to me to keep on improving and challenging myself against the better players. Don’t be complacent and always challenge yourself to keep on improving.

“When you are playing the bigger buy-ins against these great players it’s only natural that you become friends, because you have so much in common in general. I am close to luckchewy, Zugwat and some of the French Canadian players. I have also become friends with the Germans players, and although we are all opponents in the tournaments, we all like each other and all want to help each other improve.”

How does someone who is willing to play a poker tournament with a potential first prize of $20m keep things together?

“When I am at home I have a different mentality. I have two older sisters who have small children. So I am Uncle Tim at home. I am close with my parents and I have a lot of friends that I spend time with, go to the gym and live a really balanced life. It’s all about doing things right and getting ready for the next big adventure.”

The BIG ONE for ONE DROP certainly classifies as a big adventure in my book and I wish Adams all the success in the world.


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