Run It Once Coach: Dylan ‘ImaLucSac’ Linde

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Run It Once Coach: Dylan ‘ImaLucSac’ Linde Audio

Dylan ‘ImaLucSac’ Linde has been a regular on the online tournament scene for the past seven years. A resident of Idaho, Linde has racked up a set of impressive results that has seen him win over $3.5m in online tournament earnings, including a SCOOP title this Spring in Event #24: $1,050 Mixed NL/PLO where he earned $70,047.

Run It Once Coach: Dylan ‘ImaLucSac’ Linde

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Linde is versed in all forms of poker and likes to keep his poker life varied, although he still focuses a lot of attention on his NLHE game, which Linde says is his ‘bread and butter’. Back in the day, Linde was a 28-table man, but says changes in the game means he plays a more balanced 12-18 tables.

“As you gravitate to higher stakes, the games get tougher so it behooves me to play fewer tables.” Said Linde.

He is a hard worker and methodical in his approach. During the frenetic pace of FTOPS, SCOOP and WSOP this spring/summer Linde only took two days off in a schedule that spanned two and a half months.

“I typically start my grind at 08/09am Pacific Time and will play pretty much any game up until 15/16pm. I do understand the need to gain the right balance and so I try to take a week off at the right time,” said Linde before continuing, “Are the games getting a lot harder? I guess the answer to that question is its field dependent. The big flagship tournaments are still quite soft, but the smaller, higher buy in, tournaments are a lot harder. Players are playing more correct these days and the casual players are drifting away because they aren’t winning anymore.”

After a WSOP that saw him cash five times. He was approached by Run It Once, the online training site founded by Phil Galfond, to do some solo videos, and was recently unveiled as on of their new elite pros.

“I’m friends with David Emmons – who is a pro for them – and I did a guest spot on one of his videos where I reviewed his $1k final table, and I guess they liked what I did.” Said Linde.

Linde’s strengths lie in his ability to assess the game of poker from the outside in. He can convey his message by using simple language, a quality that is found in all the great coaches, and rather than focusing on the hand-for-hand examination of the game of poker, he instead concentrates on game flow and other more holistic game theories.

“I was offered a deal with a different online training site several years ago. I guess I turned it down because I didn’t like the thought of my ideas being out there. I now realize that’s flawed thinking. Poker coaching is a saturated market. There are so many ideas out there now; that there is no way having mine out there also hurts my game. Instead, I would say my game has improved since I have become a coach.”

Seven years gives him the experience and confidence to coach players of all levels, but his Run It Once videos are directed at the mid to high stakes tournament player. The man knows how to teach people to suck eggs, but prefers to leave that to someone else.

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