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chetu-gaming-company has been in the business offering IT and infrastructure solutions since the year 2000.  Recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America for two consecutive years, they boast over 500 employees across the USA, Amsterdam and India.

Company Spotlight - In their 13 years of operation, Chetu has developed several solutions for the gaming and gambling industry. A common thorn in the side of online gaming operators who don’t develop their own software is the monthly or yearly licensing fee they need to pay the software developers.  The more turnover the operators have, the larger these payments become. Chetu offers operators a complete solution that, because of their global workforce, allows them to keep costs low and come in at a price one third of what the traditional game developers charge.

Chetu’s unique business model allows the operator to own everything from soup to nuts, owning the source code, the IP infrastructure and never having to share their profits earned from the games, as there are no more annual licensing fees.

Using the standard .net, PHP and Java, Chetu can develop applications that can run on the most common devices but they are fully capable of developing for HTML5 and mobile devices.

Companies that hire Chetu for their application development will be brought in on the ground floor as Chetu offers a completely customizable product unique to each customer’s requirements and specifications.

Sexy girls are standard fare for North America and European gaming sites but in more conservative parts of the world the sexy girls could be offensive. With Customizable themes, motifs and languages, companies that hire Chetu are able to offer a different experience to their different players from around the world.

Chetu can build a single game or a suite of games to suit your needs, including online gaming staples reeled slots, blackjack and poker, and also applications for horse racing and pari-mutuel betting, sweepstakes games for Internet betting cafes. If you want to jump in on one of the hottest trends right now, Daily Fantasy Sports, Chetu can develop applications to operate your own daily and yearly fantasy sports platforms.

With 13 years of operation, being regularly recognized by the top industry trade magazines, one quarter the rates of the average game developer and no residual licensing fees, Chetu is a great option to develop your next online game or gaming platform.


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