Being a Kick Ass Affiliate

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being-a-kick-ass-affiliateToday’s Online Gambling climate is full of stormy weather, no doubt about it.  The silver lining is that this industry continues to be resilient and extremely profitable.  Like me, many have come and gone and then come back again.  The thing to remember is that unless you have a thick skin and the ability to bounce back after a royal Google beating or an FBI shake down you need to consider a day job.

Think about it PPC, website link farming, black hat SEO, Ad words, all of the most resourceful and influential marketing strategies are now completely regulated and the ability to use them to market and advertise Online Gambling Companies has all but disappeared.  About 10 – 15 years ago all you had to do was throw up a website, add software, add a processing solution and shazam you’re a millionaire over night.

Once Visa, MasterCard and Google chopped our legs off from under us half the industry went right into bankruptcy, fast!  You have to be resourceful; you have to learn about what Google will allow and won’t allow.   As an Affiliate Director / Manager in the gaming sector for over 10 years when the question comes ups from new affiliates as to what it takes to be a Kick Ass Affiliate my answer is always the same, “If I knew, I’d be doing it”!

Seriously though, the only answer I can give you is that content rich sites have market value, these sites continue to provide timely relevant content remaining favorable and in Google’s good graces.  You will have to work your ass off and stay ahead of the curve.  Get on line, do your research, type in key words…best online sports betting sites, best sportsbook bonus, best casino software, best poker bonus, NFL odds, live odds, etc.

Those searches will bring up the top sports betting, casino and poker information websites or whatever market you are after, when you type in the relevant keywords there you will find your competition on the first pages of Google.  Go into those gambling information websites and gambling forums, most of them will have 100 of pages of content related to sports betting, casino games, and poker strategies.  Posting articles daily, which means you will need a good content writer or two.

You take the top listed gambling content and information sites and you formulate your own site with unique relevant content.  It is a daily grind, that when you do your research, what you will find is daily content added websites get the rankings and then get the players.

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