Introducing the BLUFF Magazine Cover Girl Tatjana Pasalic

image courtesy of Bluff Magazine

We are extremely proud to announce that our CalvinAyre hostess with the mostess, Tatjana Pasalic, is the cover girl of the August edition of BLUFF magazine.

The article starts with the line, “Remember back to your first memory of Tatjana Pasalic?”

I do, actually. It was in a lift in the Pullman Hotel in Barcelona in 2010 as my sleep filled eyes clogged up my brain. The lift doors opened on the second level and in she walked. Suddenly, the thoughts of what I wanted to eat for breakfast changed from a greasy fry up to something Croatian. She attracted the eyeballs of everyone in that lift, and has continued to do pretty much the same whenever she walks into a poker room.

Over the years I have gotten to know Ms. Pasalic rather well and can confirm that her exterior beauty is mirrored within. She is an extremely smart, intelligent and astute businesswoman who carries a heart made out of gold. She’s always got a welcoming smile for anyone stepping in her way, and is always on hand to help out her friends whenever they need her most.

BLUFF magazine say she is a ‘moving ball of energy who seemingly does a dozen things a day without breaking sweat’ and that’s a great analogy. What they failed to acknowledge is she does all of that in a pair of six-inch heels, whilst looking as glamorous as ever. Pasalic was one of the earliest females to understand that there was a large vacant space waiting to be filled by smart and beautiful women in poker. In she stepped and she has set the bar pretty high.

Open her mouth and you will not find a glimmer of silver anywhere. That spoon never left the draw. Instead Pasalic grew up in war torn Croatia, a country that despite her worldwide travels will always remain her home. That’s where her heart of gold resides.

There aren’t many roles that Pasalic hasn’t performed in the poker world. I have seen her handling the camera, being man-handled by the camera, writing, sideline-reporting, hosting, playing and in the case of her days at Unibet just plain running the whole show. These days she spends her time deeply immersed in a few of the things that bring joy to her heart. Expanding her knowledge and interest in the culinary arts, traveling around the world, acting as an ambassador in her role of Bodog sponsored pro and doing pretty amazing things for us over at CalvinAyre Towers.

Like I said…she sets the bar pretty high.