A Welshman in Wembley: A Word With Roberto Romanello

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A Welshman in Wembley: A Word With Roberto Romanello Audio

Roberto Romanello and Rob Yong are not only good friends, but business partners, after Yong decided to use the Dusk till Dawn (DTD) club to promote Romanello’s innovative brand of poker known as Multi Prize Pool Poker (MPP), so it should come as no surprise that the former European and World Poker Tour champion is spending his Saturday afternoon in Wembley Stadium.

A Welshman in Wembley: A Word With Roberto Romanello

First impressions?

“It’s a great experience. In fact, there is nothing you can slag off about this tournament. Someone is going to lose out with the overlay, but that’s not the players problem right now.”

It’s good to see Romanello back at the tables in a major event. The reverberations of Black Friday gave everyone a slap around the back of the head, and as a Full Tilt Red Pro Romanello still has the bruises. It costs a lot of money to find a position in the poker circus and Romanello has chosen to invest his in brick and mortar and not ceramic chips.

“I have been working back home for the last two months. My brothers and I have opened two more restaurants, so we now a total of seven. I don’t want to be working hard back home and then come away and do £20-30k. That’s just not right.”

But has his short rest produced any ring rust?

“I love the EPT circuit. Those tournament have been amazing to me, but although I have missed them I have got used to not playing them, but at the end of the day an elephant never forgets.”


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