Beevers and Channing Launch The Betting Emporium

beevers-channing-launch-betting-emporiumIn a week that saw BLUFF release their annual list of the 20-most influential people in poker, a certain Joe Beevers launched his new sports betting site with his partner Neil Channing. The Hendon Mobster, known as The Elegance, may well be a blast from poker’s past, but if the BLUFF power rankings encompassed the history of poker, then The Hendon Mob would no doubt feature as one of the most important franchises to promote poker to the world.

The Betting Emporium is the reason that Beevers spends so little time on the felt these days. An idea that stems from the love and admiration Beevers has for his sports betting mentor – his late father – it promises to be an innovative twist to the sports betting sites that exist in today’s saturated market.

“Poker in the last few years has changed massively. When Neil and I both started playing there was barely a book on poker you could read – now the market is saturated. There are so many different learning tools, coaching websites and ways to improve your game. However with sports betting it’s a bit where poker was all those years ago. There are sites to give tips but not to educate as there is in poker.” Joe Beevers told

Neil Channing remains a long-term sports betting winner and once generated £380,000 in profit in a single year. The man known as Bad Beat has an encyclopedic knowledge of the world that he calls his home, and is one of the hardest working gamblers in the business. Channing learned his trade the hard way, but the launch of the Betting Emporium will hopefully make it much easier for others to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Beevers and Channing.

“Initially we will be providing tips on UK football using some amazing statistical analysis. The overs bets we do have shown a profit four years in a row and have about a 60% strike rate – many are odds against too. These bets will be made available to registered site users for free until the end of this season at least.” Said Beevers.

The launch of The Betting Emporium coincided with the 2013 Oscars. Not one to miss a trick Channing and Beevers distributed Oscars tips on their new site. With the Cheltenham festival on the horizon you can expect tips from the famous horse meet to also find their way through to subscribers of the new site.

Beevers and Channing promise to help subscribers find the best prices, teach people to understand the movement of prices and to potentially educate them to become aficionados in the art of sports betting.