Caesars Windsor wants sports betting; Vegas firm heads for Illinois; Penn National Gaming shows charitable side

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caesars windsorOntario’s southern-most casino has come out in support of the province’s sports betting bill. reports that Caesars Windsor is in full support of Bill C-290 that would allow gamblers to bet on the outcome of single sports events. Scott Jenkins, the director of advertising for Caesars Windsor commented: “It’s certainly something that we’re hopeful gets passed. We’re keeping a close eye on it. It will be good for our business.” The comments come after the NHL took a break from negotiations aimed at getting the league started up for the season to express their opposition to C-290 with some worrying it will open the league up to games being fixed. Nothing like a dose of déjà-vu in the morning.

A Vegas-based casino firm is reportedly ready to announce plans to develop a $250 million casino in Illinois. Cannery Casino Resorts will give a press conference later today to formally announced plans for the resort that will be sited in the Country Club Hills. The company making the proposal are hoping it will force the state’s hand in allowing expanded casino gambling in the state, and Bill Paulos, whose company is a majority owner of Cannery Casino Resorts, added: “We know there’s a lot of decisions yet to be made, but we feel confident that our presentation to the Illinois Gaming Board would be well-received. They know our company. They’re familiar with us. So I think we’d have as good a chance as anyone.”

Penn National Gaming Inc have donated an Ohio city $200,000 to help shoulder the increased responsibility their new casino has brought to their services. The money has been given to Rossford to help pay for the additional burden that may affect their fire and police services.


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