PokerStars reveal payment details; Full Tilt loans called in; Servers arrive in Isle of Man; A new take on The Lederer Files

pokerstars logoPokerStars have sent out details on how they will repay $184million to former account holders of Full Tilt Poker. Players will be paid back differently depending on their jurisdiction with those from France, Denmark, Spain, Estonia and Belgium receiving their money through their local PokerStars accounts. That will be after they pair their old Full Tilt account with a new one of the relevant PokerStars site. As for Italy, they are still negotiating with the regulators to determine how the process will play out. In all other territories, except the anomaly that is the United States of America (USA), players will be able to access their account on from early November.

As has been reported already, the process to pay back US players, from a pool of $547million, is administered by the government and PokerStars once again confirmed this.

Bad news for players that owe one of the infamous players loans to Full Tilt Poker is the firm is coming for ya’s. A tweet by poker agent Brian Balsbaugh read as follows: “If you are a poker player who owes money to the Bank of @FullTiltPoker Slush Fund, the email you’ve been dreading is probably in your inbox.”

A garlic-clad lawyer from Groupe Bernard Tapie speculated back in February that the loans could be worth as much as $20million and the attorney, Behnam Dayanim, stated that Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, Layne Flack, David Benyamine and Erick Lindgren all owe money to the company in the form of loans. Add this to those identified by detective Lederer in his files (Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar, John Juanda and David Oppenheim) and you start to get a fairly good idea of those that will have received emails this morning.

PokerStars also confirmed the most anticipated flight in poker since…Bitar left the Republic of Ireland…took place earlier today as Full Tilt Poker’s 15 tons of computer hardware arrived in the Isle of Man. Stars used a Hercules aircraft to move the servers, footage of which can be seen here. The site is set to open on November 6 when (fingers crossed) players will flock back and play on the new and improved Full Tilt Poker.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet poured over our summaries of the Lederer Files or found the time to watch the full seven episodes then Fraser Hart’s YouTube round-up is as good as any we’ve come across so far. We just think it might have been better coming with a label Parental Advisory: Repetitive Content. Enjoy…