Calvin Ayre unhappy with new Bodog Poker ad

calvin ayre profile picture 1Calvin Ayre has expressed his disappointment and regret at the latest commercial to roll off the Bodog production line. Ayre commented that the firm’s newest ad, although flawless in production, lacked one vital element that he would never have approved were he still in charge.

“This video is very high quality and the makers are very proud of it. However, we at Bodog brand are disgusted and can only apologise to customers that this inoffensive, verging on sexist, nonsense ever saw the light of day. It will not happen again,” Bodog Brand founder Ayre said earlier today.

We don’t have to tell you what the Bodog Brand has become known for in the past. Whilst under the auspices of Calvin the brand was notorious for offending many and not giving two sh*ts what anyone thought. Remember the “foobs”? We thought you did.

The fact that there are no scantily clad beauties in the video is unforgiveable and if Calvin has his way it’s unlikely they’ll be making another one of these ads for a while.

What do you think? Agree with Calvin’s sentiments and want naked ladies back or do you think men have a place in Bodog adverts?