To bet or not to bet…that is the question

olympicparkThe biggest sporting party on earth is about to land in London as the Olympic Games is finally under starters orders for tomorrow evening. After the Opening Ceremony’s done it means 16 days of seeing who can run quickest and throw shit the furthest and all you need to do is decide who to bet on. Will you be betting at all though?

A lot of companies are cautious about what the Olympics will hold for them and if they can get enough bettors through their virtual doors to justify getting excited.

With that in mind, the question we posed to our readers this time last week was: Will you place a bet on an event during the Olympic Games?

Now the results are in, some are calling it the most controversial poll result since the George W. Bush’s election “win” over Al Gore.

With no further ado’s, here goes…

Coming out in second place with a respectful 48 percent of the vote was…YES.

It means that 52 percent voted No and therefore won’t be having a flutter on any event at London 2012.

The result itself just goes to show how much of an unknown the Olympic Games is for the sportsbooks. In one sense it could be a huge cash cow for them, acting like a football championship and giving the balance sheet a huge boost. On the other hand it will achieve modest success but still lose out to horse racing and football elsewhere.

With that one done we decided to settle one of the age-old arguments amongst all parts of the gaming industry: which is the gambling industry’s best ever film? Every few years a film comes out that focuses almost primarily on gambling with this year seeing Lay The Favorite, the story of Beth Raymer, released to some acclaim. How does it measure up against some of the classics though? Is Rounders, the film that got many a pro interested in live poker, the bees knees?

You decide!