Quezon City hotel hopes to get gaming license from Pagcor

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pagcor casino scamThe Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation has come out and announced that it has no plans yet to issue a permit to operate a gaming establishment in Quezon City after a hotel in the city began the first steps in developing an entertainment and gaming center inside its establishment.

The Manila Bulletin reports that DCP Managers Inc. has partnered with the Grand Eastern Hotel in Quezon City to develop the city’s first entertainment and gaming center. The investment, which could total Php 200 million, could be all for naught though as Pagcor has said that it has no intention of issuing the aforementioned permit to acquiesce to the proposed gaming center at the Grand Eastern Hotel until the proponents receive clearance from the city itself first.

In a statement, Pagcor has assured “the residents of Quezon City that prior to any intended operation of a gaming facility in any area, it conducts consultations with all stakeholders in the community.”

As part of the steps needed to get clearance from Pagcor, DPCMI was advised by Pagcor gaming department officer in charge Andres Lizares to seek and secure a letter of no objection from the Quezon City government before the agency can consider its application. Undaunted by the challenges it’s facing, DCPMI has been proactive in initiating talks with the communities surrounding the Grand Eastern Hotel, particularly the West Triangle Homeowners Association and West Triangle Homeowners Association 2.

According to DCMPI president and CEO Marla David, the proposal is more than just trying to establish a gaming presence in the city, but is also being aligned with efforts to pursue community growth within the West Triangle area. As part of this scope, both DCPMI and the Grand Eastern Hotel are planning a slew of safety improvements in the community, including the planned installation of 40 additional lamp posts and increasing the wattage of the existing street posts. In addition, the program will also deploy 20 security personnel to man the village on a 24-hour basis as part of security arrangements. These guards are also being equipped with two-way radios, two motorcycles with sidecar roving patrol, a passenger multi-cab, and 20 CCTV cameras that will be strategically installed in key areas within the community to provide assistance to the security personnel.

The target, at least as far as the DPCMI and the Grand Eastern Hotel is concerned, is to open a 2,000-square meter gaming area inside the Grand Eastern Hotel, which will house an expansive slot machine arcade to go with an urbane entertainment podium with state-of-the-art sound system, a Las Vegas or Macau-themed amusement environment, and plenty of dining options.

The project also intends to to provide employment opportunities for individuals within the community, as well as increase the community’s share on internal revenue allotment (IRA), which could potentially hit 200 percent in the coming years.

Great Eastern chairman and CEO Naty Ng said in a letter: “True to our mission, we undertake to unswervingly become ethically responsible stakeholders. As we manifest our high regard to the community where we belong, we distributed last week the initial information on what our presence would bring to our community. As an entertainment and gaming facility provider, our position is apparent as to how we would be beneficial to the neighborhood where growth and progress is inevitable – we advocate a secured and safe community thereby ensuring an inclusive growth.”

Despite all these promises and proclamations, DPCMI and the Grand Eastern Hotel still has a long hill to climb before they can receive the blessing of Pagcor. But at least they’re putting the pieces together in their quest to open the first gaming and entertainment center in Quezon City.


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