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poker strategy com educational poker promotes itself with the kind of numbers that will certainly get your attention. According to these guys, they have over 5.5 million members. Of this number, the site says that more than 1 million of them have used the site’s free $50 offer (more on that later). Numbers. Numbers. And more numbers. But before you get consumed with these proclamations, understand that there’s a reason why likes to brag about their membership.

They can back it up.

The site calls itself the world’s largest poker school and if there’s a correlation to that with their massive membership, then there has to be a reason why they have so many members on its fold, no pun intended.

At its core, advertises itself as an educational site where you can learn pretty much everything there is to learn about the game. From poker strategy articles to videos, coaching sessions, and even discussions with other members, this site offers it all. Why spend exorbitant sums of money on books, e-books, tutorials, or what-have-yous when you can go to one site and have all the instructional material you need at your disposal?

Sounds like a good deal to us.

Lessons for all Levels of Poker

We hopped to the site and discovered that one of the really cool things about is that it offers players, whether you’re a newb or a vet, a number of comprehensive poker education packages for various skill levels. A lot of players, especially the neophytes, think they’re all that off the bat. Then they blow their funds faster than you can say “tilt!”; won’t promise that you’ll become an all-conquering pro overnight. But it does give you a chance to improve your game, one skill level at a time. These skill levels range from beginners all the way to VIPs with matching status groups depending on your level. These status groups range from Basic and Bronze for beginners all the way up to Diamond and Black Member status for the VIPs. Upon registering at the site, players already gain access to the site’s beginners’ content: Basic and Bronze. Subsequent levels will require you to either earn points by playing at the site’s partner poker rooms OR pay a certain amount per month. While we would have preferred the content to be cheaper – $166 a month for the VIP package sounds a tad too steep for us – these packages can be easily attainable if you start from the ground up, take in all the free instructional programs they have, and build your stack one step at a time.

The instructional videos, at least those that you can access off the bat, are pretty straight-forward and offers you basic tips on how to get yourself acclimated in the game. Tips on how to play the flop, the turn, and the river, as well as card categories can be of great use to those breaking their way into the game. They also come in 19 different languages, which is always a good thing. About the only caveat we have is the voice over of what we imagine to be a middle-aged woman who would rather spend her time knitting in the patio than instructing beginners about the rudimentary principles of the game. Maybe get somebody with more bounce to their voice instead of someone who has the enthusiasm of a Cheshire cat. But hey, if you can get past the lady’s voice, then you’re all set, yes?

Affiliates and Bonuses Galore

Another thing that caught our eye is the number of affiliate partnerships has with poker sites. Short of saying, their affiliates run like a list of pretty much all the major online poker rooms around today. We’re not going to elaborate on what kind of promos and tie-ups they have for each of the poker rooms, but we love that they’ve tied up with so many of these sites, which only goes to show that through sheer quantity alone, has the clout to ensure that its players get premium bonuses, rake back deals, and exclusive freerolls at all these poker rooms, including the aforementioned $50 starting capital that you can earn by taking a pretty simple test. You won’t need the brains of a rocket scientist to pass this test, especially because the site provides you a specific little cheat sheet of articles and videos that you can browse through before diving in to answer the test. Just read, understand, and remember. Pretty simple.

It’s Well Worth Your Time

Poker can be a tricky – and expensive – game if you don’t have the right skills and know-how that your competitors posses. We all know what happens when you dive into a pool full of sharks. The probability of you coming out of the waters with your limbs intact is pretty much slim to none. The same can be said for this game, where the felt is surrounded by hungry sharks looking to feast on your stack. For a beginner, is a pretty good place to start your poker education. It won’t turn you into a poker carnivore at a drop of a hat, but it will guide you and teach you ways to become a better poker player.

The rest, of course, is up to you.


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