Opposition to online gaming waning in New Jersey

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Borat says Yes!

Opposition to internet gaming in New Jersey is cooling after a poll of voters showed the percentage in opposition has decreased. A Farleigh Dickinson PublicMind poll reports that 58 percent of voters are against permitting New Jersey casinos to run online gaming for the people of the state. It compared favorably to the 67 percent that opposed it in February last year. The number in favour of it being introduced increased from 26 percent to 31 percent. Among men the favored to oppose ratio was 37 percent to 52 percent whereas women was even lower with the ratio 25 percent to 65 percent.

Looking at the figures across other demographics, 57 percent of those below 30 are in favor of it whilst 39 percent oppose it. The fact that’s the only age group in favor reflects the change in attitudes towards gambling in younger people. Between 30 and 44 years of age 45 were in opposition with 41 percent in favor, 45-59 saw 29 in favor and 62 percent against with those above 60 seeing 73 percent vote against and just 16 percent in favor.

The questionnaire also asked respondents about lottery sales online with 43 percent in favor and 48 percent in opposition. Interestingly among men the ratio was 49 percent in favor to 44 percent in opposition with 52 percent of women opposing it as 37 percent were in favor. It seems most are worried the state won’t be able to prevent residents spending too much on lottery as 55 percent answered “not at all” to the question “how confident are you that the state would be able to prevent people from spending too much of their money on the lottery?” That rose to 60 percent in the “not at all” category when the attention turns to spending too much on “Internet betting games”.

Land-based sports betting fared a lot better with 60 percent now in favor of it being legalized at New Jersey’s racetracks and Atlantic City casinos and only 26 percent in opposition. Gov. Chris Christie signed off a sports betting bill as far back as January to allow the tracks and casinos to offer the service and it could explain why those in favor has grown. The same cannot be said for online gambling with the latest reports seeming to suggest that Christie’s support is waning ahead of November’s election.


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