Manny gives up on vices and could retire after Bradley bout

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manny pacquiao boxingFilipino boxer turned politician Manny Pacquiao has turned devout Catholic and reaching the decision to give up all vices. The winner of eight world titles told news outlets in the South East Asian country that he’d given up both gambling and cock fighting and adding: “I am no longer in the vice business. I’ve sold my shares in a big nightclub along with my shares in a Manila casino outlet.”

He continued: “I do realise I was a weak person before. If I had died the other year, I believe my soul would have ended in hell.

“I had faith, but I was doing things which were against the will of God.”

The Filipino’s comments have more to do with the 32-year-old’s reported womanizing than gambling or cock fighting and this being splashed across the news hasn’t helped his image in the eyes of God – or so he thinks.

Pac-Man’s comments come after the will-they won’t-they saga between Floyd Mayweather hit another delay with both fighters ducking a summer bout and choosing to fight different men. “Cinco de Mayo” was thought to be the date favored by Money’s side as it was far enough in advance of his jail time. Pacquiao’s camp wanted a later date and bigger arena. The two sides couldn’t agree and we now may never get the fight the whole world wants to see.

Manny becoming a more devout Catholic also lit the touch paper on rumors that he’ll retire next year. Pacquiao’s fight against Timothy Bradley, which takes in the MGM Grand on June 9, could be his last bout. carries the story that his fight with the undefeated American will be his last as fighting won’t look good in his role as a bible ambassador. He’s building up quite the Heaven resume.

Many will cite boxing as being another “vice” and will question why he doesn’t just give up the ghost right away. Although Manny does cite basketball as his last remaining fun we can’t see him emulating Charles Barkley and becoming an NBA power forward. Everyone needs at least one thing that’s classed as a vice just to keep you sane and having fun.


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